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Exelixis Corporate Headquarters
Alameda, California
Client: Exelixis
Architect:  Brick
Fabricator & Design Build Partner: WeidnerCA

Exelixis is an emerging leader in cancer drug development. As they expanded their footprint in the Alameda, they wanted to create a flagship building on their existing campus that will help recruit and retain employees. Clearstory provided placemaking and wayfinding design services for the new building. The first floor is where visitors and candidates make first impressions. The graphics express the values and mission of the organization. The upper three floors are themed by archetypal california landscapes (stone, ocean, tree) and are displayed through graphically manipulated photography. The interior wayfinding strategy was developed to address the very large floor plate as well. The building was divided into quadrant neighborhoods that correlated to cardinal directions (north and south) and the east bay geography (hills and bay).


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