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Museum Signage for the Bay Area

We are insightful, creative problem-solvers who help people navigate our world.

Every place has a story—one that includes the people and vision that shaped it, and the way visitors experience it. Clearstory illuminates these narratives so that people find the information they need and comfortably navigate their environment. Our wayfinding and placemaking programs enhance buildings and their surroundings, creating a memorable experience that allows visitors to easily connect to a place.

We are a trusted, responsive design partner, supporting the project’s vision to achieve a seamless integration of visual communication, brand, and building. Our inclusive process breaks down complex problems and moves owners, designers, donors, and other stakeholders to consensus. This collaborative mindset delivers delightful and legible results that elevate our clients’ brands.


Hospital Signage done by Clearstory

Every project benefits from our team’s strong project management skill set and deep commitment to overall project success. Our experienced staff provides complete design services for all stages of a project’s development, including Site Analysis, Programming, Schematic Design, Design and Construction Administration.

  • Wayfinding

  • Placemaking

  • Signage Design

  • Experiential Design

  • Site Analysis

  • Sign Standard Development

  • Interpretive Signage

  • Digital Planning 

  • Signage Master Planning

  • Donor Recognition

  • Post-Occupancy Evaluation

  • Room Numbering

Clearstory’s team is experienced with a wide variety of fabrication methods and materials and brings in-depth knowledge of sustainability, life safety and accessibility requirements. We are continually evolving our practice in step with the evolution of the design and construction industry as a whole.

Distilling and refining a project’s story requires a clear, collaborative process—one that incorporates all the stakeholders and their input while leaving room to draw out the individual nuances of each place.




Kate Keating, an innovator in the environmental graphic design community, opened Kate Keating Associates in 1995. Creativity and innovation fueled the firm’s ascent to the top of the field—KKA was quickly recognized for its ability to successfully integrate wayfinding and signage programs into complex architectural projects. Kate is credited with developing Universal Wayfinding, a system that provides clear and legible wayfinding in healthcare settings for people with limited English proficiency.

As we reached our quarter-century mark in January 2020, we changed our name to Clearstory Inc., reflecting our commitment to creating clarity for the client’s vision.

Kate retired in 2017, passing the reins to Julie as president of the company. Nikki San Miguel, an expert project manager, designer, and businesswoman, became a principal at the same time.

In 1997, Kate hired Julie Vogel. Both a consummate designer and a skilled project manager, Julie has always embodied the firm’s holistic talents—rather than specializing in one skill, team members are accomplished at the range of expertise required by environmental graphic design.

Kate Keating
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