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Wayfinding and Placemaking firm collaborating on a project

We are driven by ideas and possibilities. We love design dialogues.

Here you’ll find some of our thoughts and solutions as we continue to evolve as individual professionals and as a firm. We invite you to talk to us about these concepts and any others that are percolating in your world right now. If you want to hear more of our thoughts and firm news, please sign up here for our periodic emails.


2021 September, SEGD online, Clearstory rebranding: One Firm's Journey
2021 May, Email Campaign, 
Walk in the Park
2019 November, Email Campaign, Wayfinding is More than Signage
2019 October, Healthcare Design Magazine, Golden Opportunity At California Pacific Medical Center Van Ness
2019 October, SEGD Online, KKA Focuses on Family at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital
2014 March, SEGD online, Museum as Metaphor


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