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We are a team of multidisciplinary designers who advance the structure and psychology of wayfinding. We share a commitment to high standards in design, professionalism, and project delivery. Drawing on our backgrounds in visual communication, interior, architectural, and industrial design, we question, innovate, study best practices, share knowledge, and remain open to new approaches to our practice.

Our backgrounds and interests vary, but the same goal brings us to work each day: giving life to the stories of our projects.

Clearstory cultivates a positive, connected, open studio atmosphere. Having worked closely together over the course of many projects and years, we appreciate one another’s strengths and champion each individual's personal growth and responsibility. We encourage a healthy life/work balance and lighthearted atmosphere, thereby supporting the long-term well-being of our staff and the firm. We celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries. We have quarterly group events and excursions in and around the San Francisco Bay Area such as sailing on the Bay, crafting terrariums, attending Giants baseball games, and competing in bocce ball. We also support the yearly LEAP Sandcastle Classic on Ocean Beach.



Julie Vogel

An active listener who is quick to understand abstract issues, Julie nimbly integrates ideas and explores opportunities for their effects and consequences. Clients, architects and other team members appreciate her agility and straightforward approach, as well as her exceptional design skills. She keeps her focus on both the client’s aspirations and the human experience, working closely with teams to distill the essence of a space and elevate its design and navigability through visual communication. There are no challenges large or small that deter her commitment to the best possible solutions.

Nikki San Miguel

Nikki draws on her intuitive understanding of how people navigate their environments to create clear and consistent wayfinding systems. Her prodigious memory allows her to catalog and reference all the details of a project, keeping teams on track and projects running smoothly. A steadfast persistence helps her thrive in the dynamic environment of large and complex projects. With a diverse background spent living in multiple countries, she is inspired by the distinct qualities of each project’s setting.

Justin Lawrance
Project Manager

Justin’s work reflects both his keen creativity and his deep knowledge of fabrication techniques. He pushes boundaries while staying grounded in the reality of production and budgets. Inspired by human-scaled design, Justin deciphers what makes a space relatable, which informs his design process and helps him create effortless and beautiful results for clients. His approachable and conscientious nature are key ingredients in his successful client and team relationships.

Kerri Rappaport
Project Manager

If Clearstory were an airport, Kerri would be air traffic control. Her remarkable organization keeps teams and projects on schedule and ensures accurate, thorough design submittals. Both a project manager and senior designer, Kerri dons hats ranging from initial programming; detailed coordination and documentation; and quality control. She oversees production and maintenance of our CAD and Revit files, managing incoming drawings and outgoing submittals. Kerri has an almost superhuman attention to detail and an inability to miss a deadline, keeping all our planes landing safely and on time.

Alexis Agoustari
Project Manager

Alexis is a life-long resident of the Bay Area and a designer with expertise in wayfinding and interpretive design. Storytelling is central to her work helping people engage with the places around them. Context-driven and analytical, she works with her clients and teams to activate the narrative of an environment and ensure that it is served through each step of the design process. In all of her work, Alexis strives to create meaningful communication using inclusive and equitable practices.

Liesel Wallace
Marketing & Business Development Director

Liesel strategically leads our business development efforts with a carefully curated blend of relationship-building and marketing communications. Her ability to cultivate connections and build the firm’s relationships has been honed by almost two decades in the AEC world. Liesel also works with our team members to ensure everyone embodies and delivers on Clearstory’s commitment to collaboration and quality on every level of our services.

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